October 20th 1991 Joel Perez aka Emce Damage was born in Bridgeport Park City Hospital clinically pronounced dead, But managed to make it by his father delivering him. As a young boy he always had a very deep imagination which was considered to be something different from most. Music has always been in Damage's household. As years past he began going through ups and downs in his traumatic  childhood. Such as seeing to much at an early age. His father had & played various instruments as well as being in a band, and his older brother was rapping at an early age as well, which were big influences on Damage when he was younger. growing up on artist such as Tupac and Biggie he was captivated and knew this is what he wanted to do. Recording his first song at only 8 yrs old, and by the age of 12 he was recording everyday. He has no fear of expression and speaking the truth through his music. All delivered with very diverse  styles of lyricism and complex thinking. His songs are simply real life moments expressed through his music.